Business Students Surpass Goal to Support Hispanic Center


JONESBORO – Students from the Neil Griffin College of Business at Arkansas State University surpassed their goal by selling 150 dozen tamales for a fundraising activity to support the Hispanic Center. The 28 students took on the fundraising effort as part of their Global Experience course.

The original goal was to sell 100 dozen in hopes to help increase past average sales of 80 dozen. The fundraiser lasted two weeks.

The students were successful after engaging in telemarketing activity, connecting with A-State students and contacting local businesses.

“I have been insisting for several years that we have in town a lot of different situations that even local students have never experienced before,” stated Dr. Erick Chang, associate professor of management who teaches the course. “Thus, I am literally following the course description as I want students also to think on how Arkansas is a region of the world.”

Chang also said the Global Experience class is part of the required courses for the international business majors and can also provide students with an upper elective course.

“Originally, the course indicated travel outside of the country for examining agencies and organizations located in a region of the world. This spring semester, as the majority of the students enrolled are international, the course is offered in the first term while social impact management, another required course for these majors, will be offered in the second term.

“The idea for this sequence of courses is helping international students to complete their degree on time as well as give them some experiential learning,” Chang concluded.

The Global Experience students will do a second fundraising activity for the Hispanic Center at the end of February as part of the Neil Griffin College of Business activities during International Week.

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