Drug deal gone bad gets man pepper sprayed and more

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man tried to buy $40 in meth but the ordeal went sour with him getting attacked Wednesday in Jonesboro, incident reports show.

It happened around 4 PM on Wednesday, Dec. 11, the first report states. JPD Officer Zachary McQuay was dispatched to the 300 block of State Street in reference to suspicious activity. He arrived on the scene to find a 40 year old man with a busted lip. He also noticed the man had very teary eyes. The man confirmed he had been pepper sprayed.

He told the officer he had gone to 1807 Cedar Heights to buy methamphetamine from a subject named “Dee.” He said he bought $40 worth of meth in exchange for an EBT card. However, the suspect learned the card did not work. The report says he began attacking the buyer, pepper spraying him in the process.

The victim said he fled the scene and police arrived shortly after. The man was transported to the ER upon his request for treatment.

A second incident report was taken from the same man at the 300-block of State Street within the same day. (The report was completed after the one above but the estimated time of the crime was before – between 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM. It’s not clear which was taken first.)

When the 40-year-old man arrived at his apartment, he noticed the front door had been kicked in. He reported that he believed “Dee” was responsible for this due to the owed money.

“Dee” is described as a 30-40 year old African American male with misaligned teeth, short hair, right-handed, about 6 feet tall, brown eyes, estimated around 180 pounds.


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  1. Don’t you just hate it when you try to use an invalid EBT card to buy your meth then you get attacked and pepper sprayed by said meth dealer when he discovers you tried to dupe him out of 40 bucks. What is this world coming to when number 1, you can use an EBT card to buy meth and number 2, you can’t trust one another to be honest and forthcoming when facilitating a drug deal AND you tell the police all about it.

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