Report: Murder victim shot in the chest; children are witnesses

JONESBORO, Ark. – An incident report released Thursday by the Jonesboro Police Department is shedding new light on a deeply disturbing case. The most tragic detail seems to be that two children, ages seven and nine respectively, are listed as witnesses in the investigation.

Keisha Criglar, 29, was shot to death on Meadowbrook Street in Jonesboro sometime between Tuesday night at 5 PM and Wednesday morning, when officers arrived on the scene.

The dispatch call, made at 6:50 AM, was that Criglar had been shot in the chest

Ten shell casings were recovered from the scene and entered into evidence. All are believed fired from the same weapon, reported Sgt. Kenny Oldham.

Three witnesses are listed in the report: A 7 year old girl, a 9 year old boy, and a 30-year-old Jonesboro woman who’s name we aren’t publishing.

This may confirm what one of the nearby residents told NEA Report on Wednesday morning. It was a detail we chose not to publish until now: According to a nearby resident who spoke to this reporter, the children couldn’t wake up their mom and notified a neighbor. It was then the neighbor subsequently made the 911 call, the only detail verified so far by police.

The same neighbor said she was awake studying all night and thought she had heard gunshots, but couldn’t be sure. She said she hears them so often in the area, she’s become numb to it. 

The suspect, Corey McCullon, 31, of Trumann, is 5’10”, medium build and brown eyes. He is also known as “Shorty,” according to the report.

McCullon. Source: JPD

McCullon was previously charged with attempted capital murder after a 2016 case where he was accused of shooting Jeremy Walker three times at a Cedar Heights Apartment complex. The case went to trial and ended in a hung jury. The prosecutor declined to retry the case, stating it wasn’t winnable without more evidence.

Much of the report is still masked due to investigative status.

NEA Report will provide updates as they become available.



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