Mayor: City has no contract with Suddenlink

JONESBORO, Ark. – Mayor Harold Perrin has scheduled a meeting with an AlticeUSA senior representative to seek ways to resolve complaints the City of Jonesboro has received about cable video service provided by AlticeUSA subsidiary Suddenlink.

Perrin contacted the company not only because of the complaints, but after seeing an inaccurate message on Suddenlink customers’ monthly statement. The billing statements have said the company has franchising authority with “the Mayor of the City of Jonesboro.”

“That is an inaccurate statement,” said Perrin. “The City of Jonesboro has no direct dealings with Suddenlink.” A Suddenlink executive already told Perrin that statement will be removed from future bills.

The City did have franchise authority with Suddenlink until February 2015. TV/internet providers including Suddenlink were allowed to move their franchises from Arkansas cities to the Secretary of State’s office after legislation permitting the change was passed in the state capitol in 2013.

“The state felt they were doing a good thing and that the statewide franchises would improve competition in cable service,” Perrin said. “But it has taken some authority out of our hands. Hopefully, this meeting will create a relationship between the company and our city that leads to better service for their customers.”

While other service providers do business in Jonesboro, they are not available in all neighborhoods. The City has taken many calls over the years, but recently the complaints have increased.

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