Jonesboro escapee spotted asking residents for money; more

JONESBORO, Ark. – The Jonesboro Police Department has a BOLO alert out for the capture of Spencer Langston.

Langston, 28, of Thayer, Mo., escaped custody on Tuesday. Reports were that he was at St. Bernard’s Behavioral Health when he went missing. That was incorrect. In an update after 1 PM Wednesday, JPD clarified he ran away while being transported by a private ambulance service around 4 PM Tuesday evening.

Jonesboro Dispatch received a notification around 6 PM of a person soliciting money in the area west of the Marion Berry Parkway. The subject stated to a citizen that he had just escaped from a mental health facility.

JPD did not release the information until the day after his escape – only then when questioned by reporters.

He was last seen wearing green scrubs, we learned Wednesday. He is 5’9″, 170 pounds, has short brown hair, sunken blue eyes, and a star tattoo on his neck, left side. He has tattoos on both arms (sleeves). He frequently wears bandannas. He is considered dangerous. Do not approach him. If you see him, inconspicuously call police immediately (911).

JPD’s Public Information Specialist Sally Smith said Wednesday morning he was last seen in the area of Eldridge Street. He was asking residents for money, she said.

Langston. He frequently wears baseball caps backwards. His tattoos are distinctive.

“We’re asking the public to keep an eye out for him and call their local authorities if they do come into contact with him,” Smith told NEA Report.

More about Spencer Langston

Langston’s Facebook profile yielded a treasure trove of new information and photos. Although his profile states he’s from Thayer, some family were asking where he was at as recently as two weeks ago.

He acknowledges his past in his introduction, saying he’s starting fresh and “#imdifferent.”

So much for that.

He’s also married to a Hardy woman – Billie Jo Langston. She’s not distanced herself from Spencer, having changed her profile photo to one with him three days after he allegedly hospitalized a Lawrence County deputy.

He appeared to have married his Hardy-wife on September 12. On the same day, she was in Sharp County court – apparently before the wedding.

The two have several photos together with captions like “ride or die” and “Bonnie & Clyde.” It’s a possible destination authorities will be considering as they search for the escaped man and track his location.

NEA Report made JPD aware of the details before we published them.

If you see Spencer Langston or know where he may be, contact authorities immediately. Do not approach him.

“417” is the area code for Thayer, Missouri. 

Appears to be a woman’s face tattooed as a sleeve on his right arm. His left arm is covered too.

It was incorrectly reported by this and other outlets that the patient had left St. Bernard’s Behavioral Health. A statement Wednesday morning from St. Bernard’s said the following:

At St. Bernards, patient safety is our primary concern. It has been incorrectly reported that a patient eloped from the St. Bernards Behavioral Health Facility on October 15. This is not correct as no such event occurred at our facility. The HIPAA laws prevent St. Bernards from offering further information about this individual. – Statement, St Bernard’s Media Relations Manager Kila Owens

Lawrence County 911 radioed he was a patient at the facility but we now know he was being transported by ambulance when he escaped. NEA Report regrets the error.

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