Candy donations needed for Jonesboro Trunk or Treat

JONESBORO, Ark. – Right now, somewhere in Jonesboro, there’s a child without candy.

The Jonesboro Police Department hopes to fix that on October 22 but between now and then, they need your help to prepare for this operation!

JPD is asking for candy donors to drop off anything they can at the department HQ on South Caraway Road before the event next Tuesday.

Trunk or Treat will be from 4 PM to dark on Marshall Street Tuesday, October 22

An article by Insider reports the three most popular candy bars, based on Google searches, are Reese’s, Kit-Kat, and Snickers. If you can’t decide what to get, these three are good choices.

Most web sources claim Arkansas likes Reese’s or Snickers.

But if you’re really looking to out-style everyone else this year, says Tony’s Cocolonely is a 2019 hit. Their research showed that kids feel like they’ve really scored when given a full sized candy bar.

You probably will need to order this one online, though – and they’re $15 for two at Amazon!

They don’t have these at Big Al’s

If you’re looking for advice on what NOT to hand out to the kids, surveyed 30,000 customers and the most hated candy is candy corn. Circus peanuts were number two, in more ways than one. Then, peanut butter kisses (brown or orange wrappers). Licorice was also on the list.

Whatever your choice, you can participate in the holiday fun by letting JPD hand out candy for you! Donations will be accepted until the day of the event (Tuesday 10/22).

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  1. Too bad the city doesn’t expend their time and energy outlawing Halloween instead of encouraging it’s evil practices. The delinquents in Jonesboro will take the candy and then go vandalize homes and businesses as per usual.

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