JPD issues warning about panhandling sex offender

JONESBORO, Ark. – Don’t give him your spare change.

That’s the message from the Jonesboro Police Department about Rickey Propst – a level 3 sex offender who has repeated arrests for failure to comply with requirements. He’s commonly seen panhandling in Jonesboro.

Propst is often seen at the corner of Caraway and Highland panhandling. We encourage you to refrain from giving him your spare change. – JPD

JPD said Propst was convicted of indecent assault (sexual contact) with a 12 year old mentally disturbed boy.


This week, on 8/29/19, during a sex offender compliance check, JPD Officers were unable to locate Propst at his listed address. They received information that he may be staying at a local hotel and attempted to make contact. Propst was located at a hotel on Gee St that was approximately 1,789 feet from a local school and was placed into JPD custody. He was transported to CCDC for failure to comply with registration requirements, incorrect permanent physical address on ID card, and registered offender living near a school or daycare.

On 1/7/2012, Rickey Propst was convicted of Indecent Assault in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. As part of his Level 3 Offender disposition, he is required to register as a sex offender and comply with all registration requirements set forth by state law. Propst move to Arkansas on 6/4/16 and was notified that he must report to the appropriate law enforcement agency in Arkansas within 3 business days of the move.

On 7/22/16 then JPD Officer Tony Williams made contact with Mr. Propst and informed him that he was approximately 2 months past his due date to register with the State of Arkansas. On 7/25/16, Propst was again located, placed into JPD custody and transported to CCDC for failure to comply with registration requirements.

On 11/2/17, during a sex offender registration verification, JPD Officers attempted to make contact with Propst at his listed Jonesboro address but was unsuccessful. Another attempt was made on 11/3/17. Propst was located on 11/7/17 and again placed into JPD custody and transported to CCDC for failure to comply with registration requirements.



  1. This is stupid stupid.if he’s living in Gee st motel because thats not a (hotel) I’m sure that’s homeless!!! And if he has all these charges and convictions them I’m sure that makes it nearly impossible for him to get a job. Just because he has a past doesn’t mean he should die of starvation. I don’t agree with what he has done 100% but he’s still a living human being. And has anyone checked his mental state.l?

  2. I have personally seen this dude several dozen times during the past few weeks while going through Jonesboro, he favors the intersection by the old k-mart building. I once even seen him literally drink from a brown paper bag while holding his little sign. He does NOT technically say he’s starving or homeless.. Just that “anything will help”, clue #1…I’ve seen several videos of panhandlers who only want your cold hard cash for the simple act of purchasing booze,drugs, or whatever will give them a moment in paradise– which I hate to even think what this particular man is going for, given this report!!! As a victim of a sex offender myself, I am now glad I went with my gut each time & never gave this guy a single penny!!!

  3. jeez, this person DOES NOT warrant your sympathy, empathy, concern, or pity. This person NEEDS to be in JAIL! WTF??? all of those from level 2-4 should never be allowed out of prison. And this guy continues to re-offend and nothing happens? Isn’t it obvious that he also sexually offending against some child out there? Please someone, anyone do a “Denny Crain, I was in fear for my life” against this perverted f*ckstain.

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