SUCCESS student detained for active shooter claim

JONESBORO, Ark. – On a day with heightened tensions and parents on alert, due to a weekend threat indicating an active shooting would happen at an unspecified Arkansas school on Thursday, a student in Jonesboro made an incredibly poor decision.

A statement released from the school superintendent said a student claimed he was the active shooter.

The following message from Dr. Kim Wilbanks, Superintendent of the Jonesboro Public Shools, addresses the apparent rumors floating around on social media.

“The Jonesboro School District has had a student state, “I am the school shooter.” We believe this was in reference to the claim that had been in the media prior to today. The school district was prepared for today in the event anything did occur.

The student made the statement in his class at SUCCESS Achievement Academy. He was immediately removed from class and searched and questioned. He did not have a weapon and was removed from the school. He is current being detained by the Jonesboro Police Department. No students or staff were harmed or in any actual danger.

The school district remains on alert today and everyday. These threats, whether real or not, are always taken seriously. The school district’s primary concern is for the safety of its’ students and staff.”

The Jonesboro Police Department is currently investigating the claims of the student and at this time, there is no immediate threat.

There are no reports in Craighead County of any active shooter as of 11 AM Thursday.

Police are urging caution in sharing or spreading unverified information. Not only can it cause panic, but emergency services lines can be tied up from worried parents and others when there’s an actual emergency need.

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