Two injured in shooting on Arch Street, suspects wanted

JONESBORO, Ark. – Suspects are wanted by JPD after a shooting that hospitalized two individuals Tuesday night in Jonesboro.

The shooting was reported at the 1700-block of Arch Street, which is near the train tracks as Nettleton Avenue meets Highland Drive. Parts of Highland Drive were blocked off close to 9 PM as officers found several shell casings where Arch meets Highland.

An off duty officer who lives on Arch Street heard the shots around 8:15 this evening, a release said. He went to investigate and located a car containing a female that had been shot in the left shoulder. A male, also riding in the car, sustained a gunshot wound to the left leg. Officers applied a tourniquet to his leg and waited on EMS to arrive. Both victims were transported to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. It is unknown how many people were in the car.

A white car was described as the suspect vehicle. It traveled west on Highland after leaving Arch Street.

If you have any details which could assist detectives, contact the Jonesboro Police Department’s Criminal Division at 935-6710.

Victim’s vehicle riddled with bullet holes. Source: JPD


  1. Income inequality in jonesboro is a direct contributor to the violence and crime that is occuring,if they would establish a way to integrate felons and people with criminal history back into productive jobs,and quit barring them based on this fact alone and barring them from support to restart their lives such as public assistance programs,implement drug education and resistance programs I believe you will see a turning point.Alot of these people feel they have no oppurtunity to better theirself and have slipped into the mentality every person for theirself,the more people are barred and excluded you create a entire class of people who feel helpless and hopeless,and as the trend continues that factories and jobs public assistance exclude people based on their past you will see more violence!

  2. Everyone is responsible for their own actions no matter what environment they were raised in even if they were incarcerated or not. People do not have to live a life of crime they choose to live it instead of living a productive crime free life, so blaming this or that or someone else for their bad behavior is a cop out. liberals love that theory of blame everyone except the one who does the crime! The perpetrators ‘thats what they are’ can choose to get up and go to work and support themselves and their families like the majority of folks who do it everyday 7 days a week, but no they chose the ‘Thug Way Out’!

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