Two alleged rapes reported Sunday in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Two heinous sexual crimes were alleged in reports to the Jonesboro Police Department over the weekend.

The first was reported Sunday morning to an officer at a local hospital. Sometime between 10 PM the night before and 4:27 AM Sunday, a 20-year-old female said she was walking down a road north of Cedar Heights/Melrose when she was assaulted from behind by an unknown suspect. She said he grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground. She said he then pulled her pants down and touched her vaginal area before raping her. No other information was visible from this report as it was under investigation. 

A report taken Sunday afternoon also alleges a possible rape of a juvenile at Caraway Commons. Sometime between 4 AM and 4:58 AM Sunday, a 13-year-old alerted her parents of an upsetting situation. Police learned through investigating that the girl alleged she was molested by someone who had been staying in the apartment, according to the report, although it was unclear if he was at the home at the time of the report. There was a language barrier between the responding officer and the family. Crimes Against Children were contacted and investigators were called in. The case was under investigation.

A third alleged sex crime was also reported earlier Sunday. Sometime between 3 AM and 3:52 AM, a suspect allegedly forced himself onto a victim somewhere near Huntington and Union. The details were masked except to say the suspected crime was a possible second degree sexual assault. The case was being investigated.

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  1. My my my…..will these criminals ever be found. A year ago this happened to someone in paragould ams the person has still not b found. Or according to the police and politicians and everyone there the victim made this up. Is that what is gonna be said of thwae 2 victims. I sure hope they wont b thrown to the wolves. Victims deserve justice and protection. Find these fearless perpetrators they need done to them what they have done to these victims…….

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