JPD cracking down on speeding

JONESBORO, Ark. – An anti-speeding campaign begins on Monday in Jonesboro and across other participating communities.

Here is the full release from JPD:

Speeding endangers everyone on the road. That is why the Jonesboro Police will intensify enforcement of posted speed limits around the city. Starting Monday, July 15, officers will be concentrating their efforts on speeding violations during the annual “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” campaign. This increased enforcement will run through Sunday, July 20th.

Since January 2018, JPD has issued:

2432 Traffic Citations

1430 STEP (Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs) Traffic Citations

683 Speeding Tickets

3603 Speeding Warnings

3774 Hazardous Driving Citations

373 Hazardous Driving Warnings

Officers frequently write hazardous driving tickets out of a courtesy for the motorist. These citations will not count against the violator’s auto insurance. It does still go on your record.

A grant funded by the State and Federal Highway Commissions will be utilized to increase the number of officers working the streets during this mobilization. The Arkansas State Police Highway Safety Office provides National Highway Traffic Safety Administration grant funds to support the Law Enforcement Liaison Project. One facet of this program is to provide law enforcement liaisons who promote the year-round participation of Arkansas law enforcement agencies in Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs (STEP) and non-STEP programs. The Law Enforcement Liaison program promotes the participation of Arkansas law enforcement agencies in two annual nationwide traffic enforcement-related campaigns titled Click it or Ticket and Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.


  1. The reason they write more hazards driving tickets than speeding tickets is because the city gets all the money from the hazards driving tickets and they don’t if they write speeding tickets the state gets the biggest part of the speeding ticket.So if they say they’re giving you a break and giving you a hazards driving instead of a speeding ticket that’s why it’s all about that money.

  2. If the Jonesboro Police Dept wrote 683 speeding tickets and 3774 hazardous driving tickets something doesn’t seem right about that.

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