Mango’s hookah lounge permanently closing after shooting

JONESBORO, Ark. – A fight near closing time in the parking lot of a hookah bar in Jonesboro led to a shooting that injured one.

The bar later announced they would close.

At about 1:40 AM, Friday, Jonesboro police dispatch was notified of a fight on the Mango’s Cafe parking lot. Mango’s is a local hookah bar at 2213 South Caraway Road in Jonesboro and their closing time is listed as 2 AM on their Google summary.

When JPD officers arrived on scene, shots were still being heard. Meanwhile, more calls were made to dispatch regarding the shots.

Officers located a semiconscious male victim that had been struck as a result from the gunfire in the parking lot of Backyard Burger and began treating his wound. EMS took over his treatment and transported him to a nearby hospital. His condition is unknown at this time.

No suspect has been arrested as of this publication.

Several casings have been found on scene and CID has started their investigation.

NEA Report was live at the scene where officers were searching the entire 2000-block of Caraway.

If you have any information which could help police catch the suspect, contact Crime Stoppers at 870-935-STOP

Later in the day, Mango’s announced in a statement it would close due to JPD pulling security in April for no known reason.

For the safety of our employees and customers, I have made the decision to close Mangos effective immediately on 5/24/2019. On April 6th, The Jonesboro Police department made the decision to pull the off-duty employment of the Jonesboro Police Department (JPD) at Mangos and have not communicated to us the purpose behind that decision. I have written the below letter to gain clarity and have not heard any reply (below is a copy of my letter). As this is a huge safety risk we will not jeopardize the safety of this great community until we reach a resolution with JPD.

There is a lot of memories to be cherished! We started Mangos together and it grew to be the place most of you came to celebrate with family and friends. I am forever thankful to you for your support and business. I will keep you updated on what to come next.

A copy of the Letter sent to JPD

I am sending this letter in the hopes that you will reconsider your decision to pull the off-duty employment of the Jonesboro Police Department at Mangos on Friday and Saturday nights. I am worried that by pulling your officers from working at Mangos that the citizens of Jonesboro, as well as the employees of Mangos, will be at a greater risk of something terrible happening that could have been prevented by just the presence of your officers. The safety of Mangos customers is my top priority and I implore you to reconsider your decision until a final decision is made from the ABC.

Ahab S. Alammar | President

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