$10K in stolen sports stuff found on (frequent) suspect

JONESBORO, Ark. – $10,000 in stolen baseball cards, sports memorabilia, and more were found during a parole search of a man that has been in the news for this kind of stuff for over a decade.

The search was on Thursday, April 18. The Jonesboro Police Department’s always busy Street Crimes Unit conducted a parole search, which they can do at-will for anyone on parole or at a parolee’s residence.

On this particular suspect, Jimmy McDuffy, 43, of Jonesboro, police allege crystal methamphetamine was found, along with meth pipes and other paraphernalia.

But this bad habit wasn’t the only one the suspect is accused of.

$10,000 in stolen baseball cards, sports memorabilia and other related items were found. It was connected to a March 19-reported breaking or entering into a storage unit with a theft reported in excess of $5,000.

That means McDuffy will face at least one felony charge for this, as he is currently being held for commercial burglary. Meth and meth paraphernalia are two more felonies. He was already on parole (we aren’t sure exactly for what but we have an idea, see below) so now he faces a parole violation. And to top it off, he has a hold placed on him at Craighead County Detention Center, when he was booked at 7:10 PM Thursday night.

McDuffy booking photo from CCSO.

In 2016, McDuffy was charged with drug trafficking after drug task force agents alleged finding ecstasy and meth along with other unidentified substances in his apartment at the 600-block of Stratford Drive. Police said he tried to flush the drugs. This was according to a KAIT report.

A 2008 edition of Crime Stoppers also featured McDuffy with a litany of warrants, indicating a deep familiarity between the man and law enforcement.

McDuffy’s probable cause hearing will be Monday, April 22. More is expected to be learned from his affidavit after and we will update it here.

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