Ex-city official accused of sex acts with child has trial date set

JONESBORO, Ark. – Trever Harvey was in court on Friday to set his next dates in court.

Harvey was serving as the City of Jonesboro Finance Director before being arrested for alleged sexual contact with a 12-year-old girl in the Summer of 2018. For his alleged acts, he’s charged with felony second degree sexual assault, sexual indecency with a child, sexually grooming a child, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor – the only misdemeanor in a list of felonies.

August 5 is the date Harvey received to stand trial. A pretrial hearing will be July 25. Dates were set by Craighead County Circuit Judge Cindy Thyer.

Harvey, 39, was represented by Michael A. Lilly of Jonesboro.

On Thursday, March 7, the mother of the alleged-victim made the initial report with police. The probable cause affidavit reported Detective Shane Fox with the Jonesboro Police Department was assigned the case on Friday, March 8. The report claimed Harvey had allegedly made sexual contact with a female sometime during the summer of 2018. The girl was 12 at the time.

Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division interviewed the child. She said Trever “got her intoxicated and began showing her pornography on the television in the confines of his movie theater room at his residence. He then convinced her to take her clothes off so that they could both perform sexual acts while watching each other.” The juvenile said the only contact between the two was the physical groping of her breasts by the suspect.

He was charged with:

Second Degree Sexual Assault for the inappropriate touching of a juvenile for his own sexual gratification; (Felony, 5-20 years)
Sexual Indecency with a Child for exposing his nude body to a juvenile for his own sexual gratification; (Felony, 6 years)
Sexually Grooming a Child for showing a child under the age of 13 sexual material with the purpose of enticing the child to perform any sexual activity; (Felony, 6 years)
Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor for distributing alcohol to a minor under the age of 18. (Misdemeanor, 1 year)

The fines could total as much as $37,500, in addition to the potential 33 years in prison if Harvey is convicted and sentenced consecutively.

Harvey is free on a $50,000 bond.

More reporting is available here.

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