Two more arrested as lawyer for Playboy model claims her innocence

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Male and female suspects, roommates of model, arrested

Two women and one male have been arrested in the murder of a California child psychiatrist.

Kelsey Nichole Turner, 25, “categorically denies any role in the death of Dr. [Thomas Kirk] Burchard,” said Attorney Brian James Smith to the press. Turner is being held in jail accused of involvement in the murder of Burchard, 71, a California psychiatrist found in the trunk of a blue Mercedes-Benz on March 7 near Lake Mead National Recreational Area in Las Vegas. Turner was arrested on March 21 in Stockton, California.

On Saturday, April 13, Diana Nicole Pena, 30, was arrested and jailed without bail, Fox News reported. Her attorney proclaims she didn’t kill Burchard.


A third person is also facing murder and conspiracy charges.

Jon Logan Kennison – Kelsey’s boyfriend – was arrested on Wednesday, April 17. Pena, Turner and Kennison lived together at an apartment in Vegas. They allegedly worked together to murder the doctor, The Californian reports.


Investigators believe Turner was living at the apartment, paid for by the doctor. Burchard’s long-time girlfriend said she believes Turner is the killer. Whoever did it, they used a blunt-force instrument leaving distinctive marks. Burchard died from being beaten in the head. According to People, the warrant said his blood was found throughout the inside of a vehicle Turner purchased through Craigslist last November, allegedly.

On March 1, Burchard paid Turner’s rent, KSNV reported investigators said who spoke with her landlord. That’s a drop in the bucket to the total amount of money Burchard gave the former Maxim-model. Burchard, known for his unusual personal affinity for magic, made $300,000 disappear at Turner’s benefit over the two years of knowing him. This was according to his long-time girlfriend.

The 71-year-old doctor seems to have gotten something in return for his money. People Magazine reports court documents say Turner had sex with him. All evidence points to Burchard being a “sugar daddy” for Turner.

Their sweet relationship took a sour turn by the time March 7 arrived.

Turner lived in Bono and was known in Jonesboro and around NEA for some time, several years ago.

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  1. He didn’t deserve to be murdered, but you would think a man of his status and intellect should have avoided a girl like this? He was 42 when she was born? Gross. Even if she spewed gold coins out of her bum, the situation would not have been worth it.

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