Walnut Ridge settles railroad worker lawsuit

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – The City of Walnut Ridge voted to settle the lawsuit with the railroad worker who was shown attacked in the video from 2016.

Attorney Mark Rees, representing BNSF worker Adam Finley, made the settlement offer last Friday, he told NEA Report. The settlement will cost taxpayers $57,500.

Of that, $28,750 will come from the Walnut Ridge general fund. The Arkansas Municipal League will pay the remainder.

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“I’m happy with that settlement,” Rees said. “It turned out to be a little more than a nuisance.”

The Walnut Ridge City Council approved the settlement at their regularly planned meeting Monday night. Although this was not on the agenda, it was placed on the agenda last-minute in a 3 PM email sent out to media contacts.

The case has attracted national attention. Officer Matthew Mercado resigned in Feb. 2017, months after the incident seen in the video. However, the controversy seemed to stir not because of the incident seen below – but because of what happened when the man tried filing a complaint: Finley was written two tickets by then-police chief Chris Kirksey.

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Kirksey ended up resigning for his part in the debacle.

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  1. What a sick joke. That dudes attorney should be barred from representing the downtrodden.
    And what a flippant statement by the lawyer-who I would’ve sworn must represent the city by his statements & tone… “little more than a nuisance”???? So that’s where he rates bullying citizens & stomping all over a man’s rights. Am I missing something here?? Paul McCartney ought to buy the sorry town, remove the Beatles museum & fire the entire lot!!

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