Suspect arrested in Craighead Co. double shooting

Photo of suspect arrested. He claims he was the victim of thieves.

Suspect’s final Facebook post before alleged crime mentioned going to prison

2:20 PM UPDATE: The suspect turned himself in around 2 PM, Sheriff Boyd tells NEA Report.

BONO, Ark. – Two men were shot Monday night in Craighead County and the suspect was on the run, NEA Report is told by law enforcement.

Sheriff Marty Boyd confirmed Brandon Bailey, 24, was arrested. He turned himself in around 2 PM. The warrant issued for his arrest was for two counts of battery in the second degree, Boyd said. Battery in the second degree is defined as with purpose to cause injury, the suspect causes serious physical injury.

Just after 8 PM, two victims walked to a home at the 2700-block of Craighead County Road 324, a report obtained by Freedom of Information Act shows. The two victims, both males, were wounded by gunshots at a nearby location. They knocked on the door of the third party, asking for help. Deputies were dispatched to this residence to begin their investigation.

Boyd said the victims were “OK” last he had heard, Tuesday morning.

What Happened

Collin Miller, 23, of Jonesboro, suffered a gunshot wound to his back, the report said. Thomas Hortenberry, 25, was wounded in his right knee. A couple who were over the age of 70 cared for the two victims while authorities responded.

A third man, Matthew Sims, 23, was present with the two gunshot victims. He described what he saw.

“At first, Mr. Sims advised that they were all traveling in a White Hyundai Santa Fe on CR 333 when an unknown subject, from an unknown location, began shooting at the vehicle hitting both victims,” Deputy Matt Kirby, CCSO.

While the report indicates, with the “at first” comment, that more may have been learned, nothing else was visible as of this morning because of a masked investigative narrative.

The Suspect

Not much is known by the press about Brandon Tyler Bailey, 24, except that he is facing two possible counts of Battery II and a warrant is out for his arrest. Authorities searched for him late into Monday night/Tuesday morning, Boyd told a reporter.

Bailey’s Facebook profile (which may not be online for long after this is published) can be found here. The most recent post was made late Sunday night.


NEA Report confirmed this was the correct individual’s profile after corroborating the publicly visible birth-date, October 23, 1995, with Sheriff Boyd.

Bailey may have traveled in a 2015 Grey GMC Sierra Truck with Arkansas tags 817-XYY.

Below are several photos we pulled to assist in the identification and apprehension of Bailey.

We have since learned significantly more about this case. Visit this update to read more.


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