Stabbing at Sonic on Gee Street

JONESBORO, Ark. – A victim was stabbed and a suspect was arrested not long after noon today in Jonesboro.

On 21 January at around 12:30 pm, officers were dispatched to Sonic on Gee St in reference to a stabbing. 

While responding to the call officers received description of the suspect.

The suspect was noticed by an officer on foot in the area and he was taken into custody without incident.

The condition of the victim is not yet known officers are still working the scene.  As information becomes available it will be released, an email from Sgt. Lyle Waterworth said.

1:30 PM: A witness provided information we later determined to be incorrect.

2:20 PM: The suspect is a juvenile male.  He’s being interviewed still and we don’t have an age. This is from JPD.

2:38 PM: Rebecca Carner, sister-in-law to the victim, contacted us. She said the earlier witness was incorrect about the domestic dispute-type description.

“The young boy asked him about his walking boot,” Carner said. “He bent over to show it to him and was stabbed in the foot.”

It then went from bad to worse.

“Then he was slashed in the neck as he stood up,” Carner said.

She said the victim did not know the juvenile suspect at all. Fortunately, she said he was “OK.”

“It barely missed his artery,” she said.


  1. This has gotten out of hand when you can’t even go to get something to eat and you get stabbed twice by some punk who’s probably trying to impress his so called friends. When are we “the people of Jonesboro” gonna start taking our town back because the police dept sure doesn’t know how.

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