Suspects take tractor on joyride

EGYPT, Ark. – Whether they were trying to steal the tractor or just taking on a joyride, the suspect(s) caused some serious damage

The report came into Craighead County Sheriff’s Department Sunday morning, when deputy Rusty Koster was dispatched to the intersection of Craighead 180 and 181, just southwest of Egypt. The area, predominantly flat farmland, is home to many farmers and many dollars worth of different levels of farm equipment. However, most all large acreage comes with a trusty tractor and this would be the target for mischievous suspects between Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

At the Statler Farms land near the aforementioned intersection, suspects took a tractor for a destructive joyride. The tractor had a 40-foot long, 16,000 pound land-leveler attached and while the suspect drove it around a 1000 gallon diesel fuel tank, the corner of the attached contraption caught the tank and turned it over.

A large gouge was made inside of the tank but it fortunately was not enough of a puncture to let fuel escape. However, like a bull in a china shop, the suspect continued the destruction.

The tractor broke free of the tank but once again, the land-leveler was caught on an object, this time hoses connected to the fuel pump. The driver did not stop and tore those lose. The leveler managed to capture a Caterpillar battery, damaging it, before the driver managed to drop part of the leveler into a ditch, causing it to warp and become uneven.

Several thousand dollars in damages were caused in the incident. Authorities are looking for the suspect(s) in the case, who could face felony charges for criminal mischief in the first degree.

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