Man arrested for fatal shooting at barbershop in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – A fatal New Year’s Day shooting claimed the life of a man in Jonesboro and the police have the suspected shooter in custody.

Sgt. Lyle Waterworth tells NEA Report the incident took place on West Huntington Avenue at the 1100-block. That’s where Big Unk’s Barber Shop is at. The entire incident took place inside.

One person was fatally injured. He later died in surgery. The press was notified of his passing at 5:21 PM. His name has not yet been released.

The investigation is now a homicide case.

Information gathered at the scene has led to an arrest warrant be issued.  The suspect in the shooting was been identified as Markus Gentry, 29 of Blytheville. He was believed to be driving in a silver passenger car. Gentry was arrested at about 8:30 PM without incident, Waterworth later told NEA Report.

“We believe we have the person responsible for the shooting in custody and believe at this time that he was the only one to enter the business,” Waterworth said. ” We will continue to investigate the possibility that others could be involved.”

If you can help police, 870-935-STOP. You can make anonymous tips.

Photos posted to the suspect’s Facebook profile early Tuesday morning around 5 AM showed the man posing with a pistol and body armor. The photos were deleted before he was reported arrested. We screenshotted them before they could be deleted.



  1. Is this not the Vaughan brother’s barber shop anymore? WTF is happening to this town there is either a robbery or a shooting/murder about everyday now it’s worse than Memphis or little Rock.

  2. Mr cool there ain’t gonna be high on gun powder no more he gonna get life in da penatentery where they show young buck what gang banging is all about. Dumb as a Rock.

  3. What a waste of your life, hope you enjoy prison. O yeah you’re a thug you probably will. Damn shame

  4. why you aint report that Markus was shot first or better yet at all ?? Gamble invited him to the shop and then opened fire at him!!!! if i was him i would sue the fuck out of you guys for falsifying his character. walmart sells the same gear for our kids to play in and music labels sell the very lyrics he quoted on his status. this situation is very sad regardless of his past in which he had already served time for.

    • Yeah, he’s a good guy now. Right?

      I love how the people who suggest we ignore someone’s criminal history always seems like a thug, too. Maybe realize why so much violence surrounds the same people.

      • never said he was a good guy i said why didn’t you report he was shot too. my thing is why only report half of the story. call the police and ask them didn’t they take Markus to the hospital for a gun shot wound. it’s more to the story, yes it is. every time someone is murdered they are the good guy, right? you portray this man as a monster but as i scroll his Facebook page I see he has a loving family and a numerous amount of photos with young kids who appear as nieces and nephews. I also see tags from years ago to recently from people thanking him for being such a good man and huge help to his family. let that man tell his side and obviously if he wasnt charged with murder in Blytheville he didn’t kill the young man in Blytheville.

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