Satirical city Facebook pages pop-up across Arkansas

Source: City of Harrison satire Facebook page.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Although a few city leaders don’t seem to have a sense of humor about it, one of 2018’s gifts to social media were the satirical Facebook pages based on cities across Arkansas.

NEA has had their fair share, too. Of all of these pages, most clearly say “Just for fun.” And when a page doesn’t, most of the posts are clear indicators that it is humor.

Not everyone has shared in the humor – as you’ll see below. Some cities have even tried having the pages shut down. Legally, the government must tread carefully with legal avenues or risk infringing First Amendment rights of the pages creators. However, if Facebook decides to ban them, it’s their prerogative.

Here is a small sampling from each of many pages we found. There are many more. Post your favorites in the comments.

“Prairie Grove – come for the flea markets, leave because of all of the flea markets,” reads “The City of Prairie Grove.”

Speaking of Mountain Home, City of Midway posted that they were happy to see their “product” getting around.

For sometime, The City of Paragould had a page which was “just for fun.” City leaders weren’t pleased, likely due to the number of confused constituents wondering why the city was posting about “meth heads.” Unfortunately for fans of this page, it seems to have been deactivated as of this post.

Much inspiration has come from Arkansas’ capital and nearby communities. The City of Little Rock doesn’t actually identify itself as satire and that adds to the humor. The page, quite vulgar at times, is obscenely obvious not to be an actual community page.

The City of Springdale is lucky enough to have a satire page of their own, too.

The City of Elkins, Arkansas wasn’t pleased with the big city thumbing their noses at them.

The City of Rogers, AR looked to spread Christmas cheer by implementing a “Secret Santa” program.

If the holiday cheer isn’t enough, maybe you can move to The City of Bentonville – the future state capitol.

Just know that once you get to Bentonville, The City of Fayetteville may be salty about it.

Now, if you’re willing to put up with severe weather, City of Vilonia welcomes you.

And if you like roundabouts, you must visit Conway, City of Roundabouts.

Let us know your favorite satire city pages in the comments below.

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