JPD decision on Shipman expected today

JONESBORO, Ark. – We will learn this afternoon of the results of an internal investigation into The Jonesboro Police Department officer who said 80-percent of rape allegations were “false.”

The officer’s claim was no where near the truth.

The Jonesboro Sun reported the investigation should be concluded today, Tuesday’s paper said. Police Chief Rick Elliott confirmed a press release would be put out Tuesday afternoon regarding the issue.

Photo Source: Arkansas Times

Shipman landed himself in hot water for falsely claiming 80-percent of rape allegations were false in an argument in the NEA Report Insiders Facebook group. The discussion pertained to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which experts abroad have called credible and believable. Even President Trump called it “compelling.”

Shipman said she was lying.

In his argument with a nationally accredited forensic neuropsychologist, Shipman replied as follows:




Numbers spanning multiple studies across the United States all indicate false rape reports make up about six-percent of total reports. Interestingly, The Sun also reported 24-percent of sexual assault reports filed with Jonesboro Police Department since 2013 were closed as “unfounded.” The article said “unfounded” could mean filed in the wrong jurisdiction but that number is still almost four times as high as the national average.

With most sexual assaults not being reported due to victim’s fear of not being believed or being publicly shamed by an angry mob, many local officials and experts condemned the officer’s remarks as discouraging to future victims to come forward.

Second Judicial District Prosecutor Scott Ellington, Assistant City Attorney Jessica Thomason, Family Crisis Center Executive Director Vicki Gestring-Crego, and Chief Elliott all rebuked the comments as false and unhelpful.

An internal investigation was launched when the comments came to the police chief’s attention Friday morning.


  1. Former officer (soon) Shipman , here’s the number for unemployment office in Jonesboro, 935-5594 ps: Eleen wants her $10,000 returned.

  2. It appears Officer Shipman is not allowed to have an opinion. I would not give a percentage and I have never been a certified peace officer, but I have typed many police reports and proof read many reports have seen lots of fake reports. God bless you John keep up the good work as an officer and helping others.

  3. John you need to learn to watch close what you say so many liberals out there they will cross every line to make the truth something wrong. Hang in there

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