Afroman cited by Jonesboro police because he got high

JONESBORO, Ark. – A concert involving “Afroman” did not go as planned after the performer lived up to his reputation by smoking weed on stage. He ended up getting cited after finishing the performance.

A performance scheduled from 8 PM to 2 AM at The Vault in Jonesboro ended with some controversy early Monday. One of the earlier performers, Joshua Moss, told NEA Report that performer Afroman smoked pot on stage, attracting the ire of the club ownership and police. Moss said the owner of The VAULT then came to the stage and told someone near Afroman not to smoke the cannabis again.

NEA Report confirmed Afroman was cited for the incident by Jonesboro police. He was released from the scene due to the jail being full.

In the report, Officer John Shipman wrote Afroman, known by his real name Joseph Foreman, was playing on stage. Someone handed him a marijuana cigarette. He was seen taking at least one hit off of it and handing it back to a male, the report said.

Police discussed ending the event early but decided to let the concert conclude. However, authorities moved closer to the stage, as described by Moss to a reporter. Once the music ended, Foreman took photos and signed autographs with some fans before being taken to the VAULT’s office to speak with police.

There, it was explained to him what was going on. Shipman reported he was “very polite and apologetic.”

Foreman was cited for possession of a controlled substance, less than four ounces. He was given a court date of September 26 at 1 PM. The marijuana cigarette was recovered and taken into evidence.

With 123-million views, the 2001 song “Because I Got High” is Afroman’s most well known to the public. The American rapper, real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman, is more recently known for this hit, on February 17, 2015:

For that, he took a guilty plea to an assault charge which allowed him to avoid jail in exchange for taking anger management classes – and passing random drug tests – this DailyMail article documents.

His performance at The VAULT was the third performance he had scheduled for the weekend.


An earlier version of the story based on witness accounts indicated the show was ended early. This was incorrect based on what we now know. We shall continue working to represent this story in the most accurate way possible and appreciate the public’s understanding. 

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  1. Of course Jonesboro would be the lame ass place that gives Afroman a ticket and considers shutting the show down

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