Website lets you outsource tech and creative jobs and save big

Need graphics designed by a world-class artist but on a shoe-string budget? Or maybe you need a sound professional to record a studio quality song or jingle for your business. From these examples to infinite other possibilities, Fiverr is giving small businesses the ability to remain competitive at a fraction of the cost.

The site is basically the Angie’s List of often but not always a computer-involved skill. Logo design, logo animation videos, music composing, sound effects, resume writing, and business card design are all just a few of the examples of jobs you can purchase. It is considered an online marketplace for freelance services.

Sellers are ranked with feedback. Most freelance projects start at a surprisingly low rate for a job which you might pay thousands for at a professional business. Many are $5 – which is the origin of the name.

Fiverr launched in 2010, according to the Wall Street Journal. The original pitch was “Anything for $5” but many professionals are routinely seen offering work for hundreds or more, depending on the gig.

Many professional companies utilize this site to finish projects. By doing it yourself, you can usually save and get the work done just as if you went somewhere else.

The idea behind Fiverr is that if you’re not happy, you can get revisions or a refund. The seller isn’t paid until after you approve of what has been delivered.

The service, however, isn’t without some controversy. For example, it has a 1.5 star rating from the Better Business Bureau in New York. Many customers complain about not being able to get refunds for poor service. This isn’t a certainty on either side, reports suggest, but most problems seem to be related to experiences with other individuals during transactions.

Imperfections aside, you have the choice to get 3D animated graphics of your logo or you can hire a professional book designer. The only limit of Fiverr’s use seems to be the user’s imagination of what they need.

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