Mosquito spraying to ramp up

JONESBORO, Ark. – The City of Jonesboro and its mosquito-control contractor, Vector Disease Control, are well aware the mosquito season is upon us, a press release said, even though it has been a bit delayed by colder spring temperatures that are now long gone.

Mosquito spraying by truck is now being ramped up to five or six days per week, Jim Stark of Vector said, after spraying only two or three nights per week early this month.

Stark said mosquito hatches in the rice fields surrounding the city were later than normal this year, but that won’t mean a shorter mosquito season.

“The rice is staggered this year, and some of it is just now coming up. That’s going to add to the problem – probably way into October,” he said.

In addition to the trucks that drive through neighborhoods in the evenings, Vector will disperse its application by plane eight times over the course of the summer. The first flight will be July 2 or 3, ahead of the Independence Day holiday, then weekly flights will hit areas around the city at least through August.

“The mayor likes eight consecutive weekly flights,” Stark said. “Usually we spray the south and southwest parts of town every week, plus whatever other areas are having the biggest problems.”

Stark said this season has been unusual in another way: The first complaints he has received have come from northeast regions of Jonesboro.

“I guess the rice on that side has already hatched off,” he said. “But the mosquitoes are here, and our trucks will soon be everywhere.”


Press release – City of Jonesboro

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