Man decides to get drunk before reporting to jail: report

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man was ordered to report to the detention center for a jail term but when he arrived on Friday night, he was drunk. He later told staff he decided to get drunk on purpose before reporting to jail.

At 7 p.m. Friday night, Dec. 29, Deputy James Watson with Craighead County Sheriff’s Office was advised by detention center staff that a man was reporting in for the weekend to serve time. However, the control pod operator said the man, Dalton Allen Ellison, 24, of Jonesboro, appeared, “very intoxicated, had urinated on himself and was asleep in the lobby.”

Staff brought him into the detention center and a nurse checked Ellison out.

“While speaking with inmate Ellison, his speech was very slurred, he smelled of urine, and was very agitated while we were speaking…,” reported Watson. “Inmate Ellison became combative and refused Deputies commands to stand up from a seated position to be escorted to the booking area.”

With the inmate making staff’s job as difficult for them as possible, the report said he conceded a bit of information to other inmates. The report said he decided to get “drunk” before reporting in for the jail time he was issued by the court.

For his trouble, Ellison will now be charged with misdemeanor public intoxication.

Ellison. Source: CCDC

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