Settlement reached for buyers of battery devices in 2000s

Claims must be filed by Nov. 29

Even if you only bought a few electronic devices in the 2000s, you could be able to claim settlement money because of a recent class action lawsuit agreement.

The class action lawsuit brought behalf of indirect purchasers of products containing lithium-ion cylindrical batteries reached settlement status recently. As part of the settlement, defendants will be making some form of payout to those who are due claims. The settlement is worth almost $45 million.

U.S. residents who made purchases of included devices such as portable computers, power tools, or video recorders are eligible for compensation. The purchase had to have taken place between 2000 and 2011 and you do not need a proof of purchase.

Product categories include:

  • Laptop PCs, Notebooks, Netbook computers
  • Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, digital audition player, cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Cordless power tools
  • Replacement batteries for any of these products

To file a claim, online, you can visit the court-approved website This link is directly to the claim form. 

The settlement amount will be determined based on how many people file claims. The figure will be a fixed amount divided into payouts for those affected.  Deadline to register for payment is November 29, 2017. Payouts are expected in early 2018.

Stan Morris Reporting

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