CCSO: Brookland man found with stolen ATVs arrested

Four-wheelers were found spray painted

Suspect claimed he purchased from another for $700 each

BROOKLAND, Ark. – After information was transmitted to several Craighead County Sheriff’s Office deputies, three stolen ATVs were found at a Brookland man’s residence. He was arrested.

Lt. Phillip Wheaton with the CCSO was one of two deputies who received the information, regarding possible stolen ATVs at a residence on County Road 792. When the deputy arrived at the address at the 300-block of the aforementioned county road, he made contact with James Phillip Woodward, 46, of Brookland.

“I asked James if he had come into possession of some kids ATVs,” Wheaton reported. “He stated, ‘No. All I have is the adult ATV.” I asked if we could look at them and he stated, ‘yes.'”

When deputies went around back, they found three ATVs. The first thing Wheaton noticed was that all three had been spray painted in different colors. Deputies were given permission to run the VIN number on 2009 Honda ATV. It returned as reported stolen to Harrisburg Police Department.

“I told James that the other two were probably stolen also,” Wheaton reported. “James stated he bought all three ATVs from Daniel Russell for $700.00 apiece back in February.”

A sprayed-orange Arctic Cat, 2005, was reported stolen out of Jonesboro Police Department. The third ATV, a Yamaha Grizzly, spray painted green, had no return hit on being stolen.

The incident report said Woodward stated Russell had told him they were not stolen when he purchased them.

“We called for a wrecker to come pick up the two stolen ATVs,” Wheaton reported. “While I was waiting on the wrecker, I walked around the house to where James was and I asked him when they painted the ATV. (Woodward) stated they were spray painted after he bought them. (He) said his kids painted them pink and green because that’s the colors they liked and the Arctic Cat was already painted when he bought it.”

James Woodward. Source: CCSO

Woodward was arrested for theft by receiving greater than $5000 but less than $25,000, a felony. He was transported to the county jail.  The deputy had the Yamaha Grizzly transported to the Sheriff’s Dept shop, “for further investigation to where it was stolen from,” his report concluded.

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