Mayor disappointed by homeless shelter setback

JONESBORO, Ark. – The announcement of the cancelled plans for the homeless shelter in Jonesboro has prompted a statement from Mayor Harold Perrin.“I am saddened by our inability to secure a facility to serve our homeless population,” the mayor’s statement said. “Nothing affects a family’s hope for the future like being evicted from their home, so we will continue to work for our homeless.”

Perrin stressed that understanding was needed from those in the community who seem to be lacking in compassion.

“But people need to understand the Homeless Ministries of Jonesboro is not trying to create halfway houses that will endanger neighborhoods,” Perrin said. “They want to be Christian brothers and sisters to our less fortunate residents in their time of need.”

Plans were canceled after vocal opposition spoke out to the local media. The news broke late Thursday.

“I will say I am pleased with the progress of our HUB in serving the homeless with services and helping connect them with access to jobs and housing and other fundamental needs,” Perrin said. “We will continue to press forward to serve our most vulnerable.”


  1. What about the old Holiday Inn? It could house lots of people and not be in anyone’s neighborhood. I, too, am ashamed of people who don’t want to help the less fortunate.

  2. Thanks Harold for continuing to FAIL on an epic level when it comes to civic planning. Your lack of leadership and foresight never ceases to amaze.

    There are bigger problems and challenges to address than deciding to lower home values of the your tax paying citizens.

  3. Mayor Harold Perrin, we have compassion on the north side of town, but you have to keep in mind that you never step up to the plate to help the north side of town, i.e., crime, children walking home without parents from school. You need to put the homeless and the psychiatric facility (which you failed to mention) nearer to the HUB! You are so selfish and self-serving that it just amazes me! You just got a big raise and what do you do to earn this raise? Nothing as far as I can tell. You try to put something on the north side of town where we already struggle with crime and people breaking into homes and breaking into our cars. So stop and think if you would want this in your neighborhood and I think the answer would be no! Since you need to earn your salary come up with another plan that does NOT involve the north side of town. You have no leadership ability as far as I can tell when it comes much of anything except thinking of yourself and your rich buddies!

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