JPD officer fired over suspicious fuel purchases

JONESBORO, Ark. – A press release from JPD indicates a criminal investigation is underway over suspicious fuel purchases on a Jonesboro city fleet fuel card.

Patrolman Justin Thompson was terminated from the Jonesboro Police Department on Monday, September 25, 2017 after reviewing suspicious fuel purchases that appeared on the City of Jonesboro’s fleet fuel card. The fuel card was issued to Thompson for purchase of fuel for the patrol vehicle assigned to him. An investigation began and it was determined that Thompson had used the City’s fuel card to purchase fuel for his personally owned vehicle on several occasions.

Justin Thompson has been employed as a Police Officer with Jonesboro since December 1, 2015.

Chief Rick Elliott holds his Officers to a high standard of honesty and integrity, said the release from JPD.

“This violation of public trust is unacceptable,” Elliott said in a release. “Criminal conduct will not be tolerated within The Jonesboro Police Department.”

A personnel investigation was concluded which resulted with Thompson’s termination. A criminal investigation is still underway. Investigators are still collecting evidence to determine the cost of the stolen fuel. Once completed the criminal investigation will be forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office for criminal charges to be pursued.

At least one Facebook post on Thompson’s personal wall may have been related to the incident mentioned in the release. One post made on Saturday, September 23, publicly mentioned mistakes.

“One of the hardest things about being an adult is owning up to your mistakes and dealing with the consequences,” wrote Thompson, or someone under his name.

Stan Morris Reporting 

Photo source: Facebook

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  1. So stealing gas is the line of unacceptable… not the death of Chavis Carter , all the shootings and crime in Cedar Heights where every other apartment complex have live in officers but some reason none are ever around when shootings happen. The behavior of officer Adam Shipman. But since those don’t affect your budget; yeah, stealing gas that is unacceptable betrayal of public trust.

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