Man shot dog after it killed his goats

BROOKLAND, Ark. – After a man shot a dog “five times” in the head for killing two of his goats, he was surprised to learn it was still alive two days later and expected to make a full recovery.

Here is the narrative from last Friday, as written by Craighead County Sheriff’s Office Deputy James Teague.

“On Friday, September 2, 2017 at 5:44pm I, Deputy James Teague, arrived at County Road 761 in reference to a dog that had been shot previously.

“Upon arrival I met with the complainant who informed me that Wednesday night, August 30th, 2017, he saw a dog in his goat pen behind his residence with his two goats. He advised the dog was attacking his two goats. He ran inside the residence and grabbed his wife’s firearm which was a Taurus Judge 45 caliber revolver. He then claimed he ran back to the goat pen and discharged the firearm towards the dog six times – five times in the head and once in the chest.

“He advised he thought the dog was dead inside of his goat pen. He then buried his two goats and was going to bury the dog the following day. He advised on the next day he could not bury the dog because of the rain. Friday evening he went to retrieve the dog from the goat pen and noticed the dog was still breathing. He then called the Sheriff’s Office and I told him I would come out there and see for myself.

“When I arrived at the goat pen in the back of the residence, I noticed the dog was looking up at me and did not seem to be as injured as I previously thought. I then called the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society Director Margaret Shepherd and explained to her the situation. She then arrived at the residence a short time later. Margaret was able to get a leash on the animal and guide it out of the goat pen. Noticing a Vetcare tag attached to the collar, she took the dog to vetcare and Dr. Travis Walken was able to tend to the dog.

“Around 10:30pm I received a phone call from Margaret advising that the dog was going to make a full recovery. She advised that Dr. Walken explained that there were fragments of a 45 Caliber round inside the dog but also a 22 caliber. She explained that they were able to find the owners due to the collar on the dog’s neck and that she would be contacting them first thing in the morning to advise them of the situation.”

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