Report: Madison police chief fights JPD officers on suicide call

JONESBORO, Ark. – A police chief from a nearby city showed up to a call Monday in Jonesboro but he wasn’t backing up his fellow officers – he began fighting with them, according to details in the incident report.

At 5:28 a.m. Monday morning, officers in Jonesboro were dispatched to the 5400-block of Rees Road to an apartment where a female subject, 45, was threatening to commit suicide. The woman was said to be threatening to hurt herself and had a firearm in the residence. With police dealing with the unknown, they arrived to try to make contact but received no answer.

Five minutes passed and a witness showed up, telling police her baby was in the residence. The witness said the woman was in the home holding a gun to her head. However, the witness didn’t want to give the keys to police because they feared police would “shoot and kill” the victim, the report said. She eventually relented and officers entered the residence.

The suicidal woman did not comply with police and remained in the bedroom. While officers were trying to diffuse the tense situation, they heard other officers shouting for someone outside to stop.

With police in the home of a suicidal woman who reportedly had a gun to her head, the Madison Police Chief, Jonathan Parks, showed up and was determined to get into the home. Parks, listed as the brother of the suicidal woman, was refusing to obey the officers commands to stop and then attempted to rush the officers and push through to enter the residence, the police report states. Officers were unable to continue watching the bedroom containing the suicidal woman as they had to begin fighting with a fellow law enforcement officer, who was described as being out of control.

During the altercation, Parks reportedly called other officers “pussies,” among other things. At one point, an officer reported Parks pulled his arm back in what appeared to be an attempt to strike him but other officers grabbed him to control him. However, Parks ripped the uniform of a reserve officers and caused minor injuries to other officers, the report said. Finally, he was calmed down and removed from the scene.

Officers were then able to diffuse the tense situation and get the suicidal woman to surrender herself.

A silver revolver was found sitting on her bed, where she had been.

The report makes no mention of the Madison Police Chief being arrested or charged for his reported actions. He was apparently released from the scene.

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  1. This isn’t the first incident of this man losing control! I am originally from Forrest City well right outside of Forrest City in Madison in a little cubby hole called Crow Creek. Madison Police department has jurisdiction. They abuse their power! This SAME MAN once choke slammed my mother whom is 5’2 and 98 pounds! There are records of it! NOTHING WAS DONE!! He should be fired and never again allowed to wear a badge or gun bc he is a disgrace to police EVERYWHERE!!

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