31 arrested in "Operation Stamp Em" in Craighead County

JONESBORO, Ark. – In less than two days, authorities in Craighead County have arrested 31 suspects, many of whom were engaged in criminal behavior at the time of their arrest.

“Operation Stamp Em” aimed to put the ‘arrested’ stamp on a large number of fugitives of the law and did so in just about 30 hours. Craighead County Sheriff Marty Boyd spoke to NEA Report about the operation he named, personally. By the time this article was ready for publication, the number of arrests had grown from what Boyd originally quoted.

At least 31 were arrested in Craighead County, he said.

The operation was named in honor of former local television anchor, Craig Rickert, who famously “stamped” suspects on his Crimestoppers segment Tuesday nights on Region 8 News at Ten. Rickert has long been a supporter of law enforcement in NEA. (He was recently released without explanation by the television station to the dismay of thousands.)

Operation Stamp Em began at 8 a.m. Tuesday, May 23, and concluded around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Boyd said the operation included 32 felony arrest warrants served (at least 14 new) and 60 misdemeanor warrants served (at least 6 new). He said the operation was “very successful.”

“It’s easy to see that these individuals are repeat offenders and that by absconding from court or absconding from parole or probation, they’re still not conducting themselves legally in society,” Boyd said. “These individuals need to be held responsible for their actions.”

The operation was conducted by Jonesboro Police Department, Craighead County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas Community Corrections SRT Unit. Boyd said more are still being targeted for arrest, so those who are aware of their warrants existing should use the time they have left to throw away anything illegal and turn themselves in.

Initially, 27 had been arrested during Boyd’s interview, but by the time the story was ready for publication, he contacted NEA Report again to say the number was up to 31.

In one case covered by NEA Report, a subject of an arrest warrant was found to have more illegal items during a probation search.

A list of names of those arrested was not available as of this publication.

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