Business brings escape room to you

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – One of most fun activities in 2017 is taking a group to an escape room – a thrilling live-action adventure puzzle – where parties try to solve clues and escape entrapment.

It’s an exhilarating experience for participants and a new business is taking that experience on the road – giving people the option to have an escape room – and more – in their next birthday bash or party experience. 

On The Run Mobile Parties is the business. It is based in Walnut Ridge but serves all of Northeast Arkansas, Owner B.J. Hibbard told NEA Report. Hibbard said he came up with the idea being involved in the attraction industry. 18447586_712084902297573_4572712746349279155_n

“My other company, FrightLight, services the attraction industry, so being involved in the industry, I formed an interest in it,” Hibbard said. “With having several other business I don’t have the time to devote to a normal attraction/family entertainment center, so I started considering do the mobile aspect after seeing similar setups at tradeshow I attend.”

Hibbard said partygoers can not only enjoy the experience of an escape room, but they also enjoy a creative aspect.

An escape room is like a real life adventure game. You are locked in a room and try to find clues and solves problems to find the way to get out. The theme is always tense, creating a fun and memorable atmosphere.

“They have a lot of fun with it and the blacklight aspect is something new and different to the area so it’s a unique, entertaining experience,” Hibbard said.

The current theme of the escape room, which changes throughout the year, is Subway Escape.

The city has locked down all subway terminals and transportation at midnight in an effort to round-up the gangs that run the city’s underworld. You must follow the clues and solves the puzzles to break-out of the subway terminal by 12:45 to protect your freedom and escape being captured in the sting operation!

On The Run also does mobile blacklight parties. For example, they set up black lights and host silly-string wars or pong wars! With black light reactive serving trays, plates and cups, the party takes on a neon glow theme for a memorable occasion.

“Have the convenience of an at-home party with the features of a family fun center,” Hibbard said. “Best of all, no setup or cleanup!”

18340826_1413368348708979_5714241253302861824_n.jpgWhether it’s an adult themed event with blacklight beer pong, backlight bean bag toss and blacklight paint wars/glow raves, or parties for the kids with silly string wars, puzzles in the mobile escape room, the business owner hopes to bring the experience across the area and leave people glowing with delight.

The mobile escape will be set up at The Old Country Store between Sedgwick and Bono tonight (Friday, May 19) from 6 p.m. until midnight. The perfect place to stop in and give it a whirl while picking up a beverage or two.

Visit their Facebook page here or call (870) 729-7699 to book.

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