Agenda for May 15 Walnut Ridge council meeting

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – The City of Walnut Ridge will have its next council meeting at 6 p.m. next Monday, May 15, in the police complex. Mayor Charles Snapp has released the agenda and it is as follows:

May 15th 2017
6:00 p.m. Police Complex
III.       NEW BUSINESS                  
A.     Sherri Thomas (Request to Address Council Re:
Sherri has asked to address the council, as it relates to a duplex being built on the lot next to her home. More specifically, she is bothered by the noise and hours the construction crews are working. 
B.     Ordinance to close Coon Creek Rd at Industrial Park  Coon Creek parcel 25
On May 5th there was a public hearing to discuss the closing of a gravel access road at the Walnut Ridge industrial park. It is located inside the section of ground known as “Parcel 25”. Even though we have not found easements for this gravel road, it is still there and reflects on some maps. In order to build the size building the prospective buyer wants, with room to expand, the road needs closed. Some vehicles from Custom-Pak currently use the road, but Andrew McDonnough,manager of Custom-Pak said closing the road would not interfere with their business.  There is a survey map attached that shows Parcel 25 and it also shows the road in question. The same survey map  is used for the re-zoning described below.  
C.     Ordinance to Rezone portion of Parcel 25 at Industrial Park    
Currently the area in Parcel 25, that lays west of the gravel road is zoned for agriculture. While its not farm land, it is zoned that way. In an effort to get the prospective buyer to build the distribution center, this land needs re-zoned from agri to light industrial. The public hearing was May 5th and no one showed up. The City owns the land that adjoins this land. Use the same survey map for this item, as you did for Item C.
D.     Ordinance to vacate SE 5th St right of way     
You will find a survey map attached that shows the area of SE 5th Street, between M&S Pawn Shop (former Flippo Heat & Air building) and Storage in a Snapp’s East Main Street facility. Snapp Properties LLC is requesting the city vacate 20 foot of the right of way on the west side of SE 5th, from Main Street to the north edge of the alley. There are no utilities on the west side of SE 5th and the drainage ditch is on the east side of SE 5th Street. If the 20 foot of right of way is released, there would still be 40 foot available in the street easement. 
When you look at the survey map, the portion of SE 5th Street that used to run from the alley to East Elm was closed in 2003 by Ordinance 668-03. Ryan Shoe, owner of M&S Pawn has said he did not mind if the street right of way was released. The public hearing was May 5th and no one showed up.
E.      Transfer SUV from Volunteer Fireman to City 
The volunteer fire department has a 2016 model SUV with low mileage and it has the police package on the vehicle. This belongs to the volunteers, not the city. They are willing to give the city the first option on the vehicle. Frank Owens will have more information available at the meeting. This is discussion only.
Form Review Committee for Privilege license    (Discussion)   
It’s been years and years since the categories referenced in our privilege license ordinance have been updated.

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