New division targets drug dens in Trumann

TRUMANN, Ark. – Authorities in Poinsett County are taking the fight to drug dens.

The Trumann Police Department in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Trumann, City Works, City Attorney’s Office, Department of Correction (Probation and Parole), City Code Enforcement, and the Housing Authority have created a Civil Enforcement Division (CED) that is combating drugs in Trumann. The CED’s primary focus are properties that are unlawfully selling, storing, keeping, using or giving away controlled substances.

This type of activity is a common nuisance according to Arkansas State Law. Upon discovering properties that statutorily fit such action, efforts are being made to work with the landlords in order to eliminate such actions.

Friday, April 21, the Trumann Police Department informed the tenant of 529 Ellis Street that the property had been abated by the Circuit Court of Poinsett County.

A sign was placed on the property stating, “This property is declared a public nuisance: The Circuit Court of Poinsett County has custody of this property and all persons upon the property are subject to search by Trumann Police Department: Convicted felons are banned from this property.”

The property will remain in the custody of the court until it can be deemed that it is no longer a public nuisance.

Photo courtesy TPD

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  1. I love when politicians and law enforcement say they are busting drug there is not such thing. Drugs are in homes and apartments. But since they chose “drug den” it sounds much more evil and nafarious. Obviously to gain public opinion on drug users are sum how less than human. But what’s not being mentioned is law enforcement and the city are going to seize these properties including homes, cars, cash under the civil forfeiture law. Which means they seize everything u own with out even be convinced of any crime. So that’s the real motive here not drugs. It’s money, which I’m sure the police will probably buy sum ridiculous military style vehicle, for combating drugs. FYI the drug war has been a totally failure, but it sure does make money for these fancy vehicles that law enforcement has. Talk about over killed. Jus buy tanks and get it over with.

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