38-year-old found dead; opioids and alcohol suspected

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A 38-year-old was found dead and the cause is believed to be alcohol mixed with opioids.

Police were dispatched just after 1 p.m. Monday to 959 North Patrick Street to a set of apartments. The caller advised the victim, Angela Jean Brunt, 38, of Jonesboro, was unresponsive. She said the victim uses medication including Hydrocodone, Klonopin, Gabapentin and Valium for chronic back pain. The caller, speaking with police at the scene, said she wasn’t sure which medications the victim had taken but she had taken some of the medication with her when she left that evening.

Next door, a witness advised the victim had been a guest at her apartment for a while the night before, saying someone was aggravating her and she needed “a couple of shots.” After the neighbor took Brunt to a Mexican restaurant, she emerged with slurred speech, the report says. She said she had taken six shots of tequila. The witness took her back home.

The initial complainant returned home to find the victim in her bedroom. The next morning, when she went to wake the 38-year-old, she would not wake up. She had died in her sleep.

Lividity was present and evident which made it obvious to officers the victim had not been moved from her position. There was no petechial hemorrhaging visible in the eyes. A cursory inspection of the body showed no apparent evidence of any injuries. Officers located pills nearby including Oxycodone, Gabapentin and Diazepam.

The woman had reportedly only been residing with those at the apartments for three days. She said she had no other place to stay.

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