Teen accused of using diabetic lancet to poke others at school

JONESBORO, Ark. – Instead of using his lancet to check his blood sugar, a diabetic student at Nettleton High School was accused of third degree battery with the tool.

Jonesboro police took the report Monday, April 10, at Nettleton Junior High. The assistant principal was speaking with a parent when police arrived Monday morning. He advised on Friday after the bell had rang, a 13-year-old suspect was in the hallway with several others. The suspect had a lancet used to do a finger prick for blood sugar testing and at some point, used the lancet to poke two seperate 13-year-old victims. The lancet broke the skin in at least one of the incidents. The officer observed a red mark on the victim’s arm. 

The suspect was already suspended and not on campus.

The parents were advised of the process of contacting the juvenile office. The child could face a misdemeanor battery charge.

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