Illegal dumping issues in Craighead

JONESBORO, Ark. – While Deputy Aaron Davis was on patrol Tuesday, he came upon several illegal dumping sites in Craighead County.

It is not a new problem. From driving around Jonesboro to county roads, it is clear some NEA residents do not respect the ideals of The Natural State. 

The Craighead County Sheriff’s Office deputy was on Craighead County Road 304 when he noticed the problems. Around 7 p.m. Tuesday, he noticed three different locations on the west side of the roadway traveling north on County Road 304 from the Jonesboro city limits.

One area was trash with two trash cans, unmarked. Another had a television dumped at a new construction site. Another location on the east side of the roadway was littered with old belongings, as well. Two recliners were dumped at this location into an embankment too deep for someone to reach without assistance.

Even though some lazy residents found an easy way to dispose of their trash, it is a certainty another person will be tasked with recovering the littered belongings.

Photographs were taken of the sites and forwarded to the environmental services deputy for review.

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One thought on “Illegal dumping issues in Craighead”

  1. If County residents were provided the service/ability to take a load of rubbish weekly or even monthly, free of charge, to a landfill, perhaps it would give people an incentive not to dump these items illegally.


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