After wreck, man allegedly arrested with drugs

JONESBORO, Ark. – A police report says drugs were found in a young man’s vehicle following a wreck in Jonesboro.

At about 6 a.m. Friday morning, Feb. 24, Jonesboro Police Officer Josh Wiiest responded to the intersection of Commerce and Highland Drive to an accident with injury call. When they arrived, a Ford F-150 was on the north-east corner of the intersection, facing northwest on Commerce. Tracks in the ditch indicated to the officer it had been West on Highland when it left the roadway on the north side, into the ditch for about 100 feet, before striking the concrete barrier which supports the signal light in the intersection.

The concrete ripped off the front driver’s side tire, disabling the vehicle in the roadway.

With good samaritans stopping to assist, police made contact with the driver – Jonathan Allen Cowan, 22, of Jonesboro. The officer asked if Cowan was okay, to which he mumbled something, the incident report states.

“I guess I fell asleep,” Cowan said, according to the police officer.

The officer asked if the young man had been drinking or taking drugs and with each question, Cowan reportedly would mumble and look at the ground. Finally, the officer let the 22-year-old know how serious the situation was.

“I then informed him to look at me while I’m talking to him and to answer my questions,” Wiiest reported. “He then mumbled in a quiet type of voice, stating he had not been drinking or taking anything.”

The officer wasn’t buying it and asked him if there were any illegal substances on his person or in the vehicle. Cowan reluctantly admitted, the report says, to marijuana being in the middle seat. The report goes on to say, when further pressed, Cowan admitted to meth being in the truck.

cowanA small bag of marijuana was found under the middle seat and two small bags of crystal meth were found near the driver’s seat. Also, the report says drug paraphernalia was found in a cooler. Three lorazepam pills were also discovered.

“The inside of the truck was in complete disarray, littered with numerous items,” Wiiest reported.

The suspect couldn’t provide any vehicle information or insurance documentation to the officer. Fortunately, no others were involved in the wreck.

Cowan was arrested for felony possession of meth and meth paraphernalia, two charges. He will also face charges for possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor, and careless and prohibited driving. Charges could also be filed for the lack of insurance documentation.

He was taken to Craighead County Detention Center, where he remains as of 10 p.m. Friday night.

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