Early spring weather jumpstarts overlay projects

JONESBORO, Ark. – Thanks to a recent spell of nice weather, City of Jonesboro crews have been able to get an early start on this year’s Asphalt Overlay program.

Milling has started on three of the 12 projects already slated for this year, the cost of which totals more than $500,000.

“We always put back money for overlays,” Mayor Harold Perrin said. “We saw the nice weather and thought it was a good chance to start early.”

City engineers said work has already begun on Nettleton Avenue between Caraway Road and Red Wolf Boulevard, Race Street between Fair Park and Red Wolf, and Rains Street between Highland Drive and Nettleton Avenue.

Other planned projects include Lawson Road, Wilkins Avenue, Belt Street, Old Dornick Drive, Inverness Run, Bolt Boulevard, Clubhouse Drive, Hickory Lane and Neil Drive.

A second list of potential projects is ready should additional funding become available.

“With the list we have, I may ask the city council to transfer money for additional work,” Perrin said. “I’m seriously considering more streets because we have a lot of streets we know need attention.”


Press Release – City of Jonesboro

Featured Photo by Stan Morris. Depicts Nettleton Avenue, west of Annie Camp Junior High School, where many teens are forced to walk in yards or the street on their treks to and from school. 

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