Walnut Ridge man in jail after crashing into trucks, house

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – The morning began with a bang for several Saturday when a man crashed into two of their vehicles, sending them crashing into the house.

The wild story begins at 7:45 a.m. Saturday morning, Feb. 25, in Walnut Ridge, when William Ray Bobbitt, of Walnut Ridge, picked up a female friend at a residence on 300-block Ridgecrest Drive, according to Police Chief Chris Kirksey. The two were involved in some type of dispute and a witness said as she got in the vehicle, he took off at a high rate of speed, Kirksey said.

He would soon be stopping as abruptly as he took off.

At the intersection of Highland Drive and Ridgecrest, there’s a house facing it, Kirksey described. And there sat a Mazda pickup and a Ford F-150 parked under the carport. The occupants inside, just beginning their weekend, heard the engine approaching.

“Then boom – and they heard the crash,” Kirksey said. “He straightened out the curve and struck the red Mazda. After he struck the pickup, it took out the middle column holding up the carport. It knocked it into the white pickup, which hit the house.”

img_2590Bobbitt’s vehicle took massive damage but Kirksey said he went back down on the road and was at the stop sign when Walnut Ridge Police Department showed up and stopped him.

During this time, the female was found to have injuries prompting officers to believe Bobbitt had committed battery on her.

Bobbitt was taken to Lawrence County Jail for a BAC test, which he refused.

He faces charges including felony second degree criminal mischief for damage not purposely done over $2,500, reckless driving, DWI 1, refusal to submit to test, and third degree domestic battery. He is being held awaiting bond hearing.

The victim was taken to hospital. No word on her condition.

Hoxie police assisted with the arrest.

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Photos courtesy WRPD

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