Man shows up to judge's house the day after court

JONESBORO, Ark. – He was before a judge on Tuesday – then he showed up to the judge’s house not once, but twice, on Wednesday, a report said.

It happened this week in Jonesboro. On Feb. 22 at 7:20 p.m., Jonesboro Police Department was dispatched to Craighead County District Judge David Boling’s home, at an address NEA Report is masking. Boling told police a man, Larry James Bishop, 45, homeless, was seen on security video walking up to his residence at 6:40 a.m. that morning and knocking on the door. He is seen then looking at two cars in the driveway and then walking off, carrying a sack of some type.

Later, the same evening, at 6 p.m., Bishop returned, carrying a bag or sack yet again, and once again knocked on the door. After a minute without response, he again left.

It wasn’t known if the man knew the judge lived at the address, but the two visits would have been a strange coincidence considering Bishop was in court on Feb. 21 – before none other than Judge Boling.

The report says the man has been arrested for theft in the past. It also said a burglary was recently reported just a few houses away from the judge’s, where a suspect had walked up through the patio and entered the house to steal several items.

An incident report was completed, considering the aforementioned details.

Bishop is described as a white male standing at 5’11”, weighing about 180 pounds, with long brown hair often kept in a ponytail. He has brown eyes.

Even though the report was taken, it must be noted Bishop is not suspected of committing a crime. The complainant said it may have just been a strange coincidence.

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