Report: Drug den robbed at gunpoint

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man’s admitted illicit behavior made him a target for other criminals Wednesday, according to a Jonesboro police report.

It happened in the early Wednesday morning hours on, ironically, Goldrush Lane in Jonesboro. At about 1:17 a.m., JPD was dispatched to a robbery in progress call at the 300-block of Goldrush. They responded but knew something was amiss when one of the victims fled the scene.

When police walked in, they immediately smelled marijuana and noticed pot, a grinder and scales sitting on a table in the open. Police cleared the residence and spoke with two of the victims, saying they were asleep when they heard a loud banging and commotion in the living room. Then, a suspect opened their bedroom door with his finger over his mouth and took one of the victim’s cell phones. 

“Chill out,” the suspect said several times, while wearing a black beanie mask over his lower face and black pants with white lettering. The phone was recovered and taken into evidence for fingerprint processing.

Police located the man, who was behaving suspiciously for someone who was a victim of crime. The man also had a busted lip from being attacked by the robbers, whom he said had smashed him in the face with a pistol. He said two men had come in, one with a gun, and robbed him. The men were masked with dark clothing, he said.

He completed a search form, for some reason, giving police authorization to enter his bedroom and discover what he himself said was “a pound of marijuana.” Police found several mason jars of marijuana inside of a back pack wrapped in a trash bag. Hallucinogenic mushrooms were found in a peanut container, too. At least five large Ziploc bags of mushrooms were found, additionally.

With police realizing they were responding to a robbery call at a suspected drug dealer’s den, they arrested him on felony drug charges. He will be charged with felony possession of schedule I AND schedule IV substances with intent to deliver, both felonies, along with drug paraphernalia charges.

Meanwhile, back at JPD, forensic expert processed a recovered iPhone for prints but none were found. A high-capacity magazine, possibly from the suspect, was subjected to cyanoacrylate fuming. It is continuing to be processed.

The burglars face felony charges for their acts. Anyone with information which could help police locate the dubious duo is asked to call Crimestoppers at 870-935-7867 (STOP).

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