Envisioning a new legend in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Development is booming in Jonesboro but in an area where less businesses are investing time and money, a local partnership has taken the initiative with hopes to raise the quality of life on the north side of town.

The all-new Legends BBQ & Smokehouse was receiving the finishing touches Thursday on what has been a total revamp and renovation of the property.

The property is a partnership between Reginald Prunty and a new partner, Guy Pardew of Olympus Construction. Pardew, who is the third generation in the development profession, worked with Prunty to take the old Legends and bring it up to a new level. 

dscn3854“He told me the concept and with my experience, I am able to see what needs to be done,” Pardew said. “He told me what type of clientele he wanted and what type of audience he wanted to reach.”

Prunty said he needed a partner to make his dream a reality. He said Legends had lost its luster and he wanted to raise the standards.

“Legends for me was a transformation to change the image of the property and building,” Prunty said. “22 years ago, we had great clientele at the beginning, but the selection changed and sometimes, you have to change. Your perspective to reach the kind of audience you want to reach has to change.”

dscn3850Not only has his perspective changed, but the business has changed, too. Inside of the newly remodeled Legends is a stage, a bar, new flooring and a new atmosphere. The changes to the 4,000 square feet location have been grand, with a huge smoker being installed in the back to prepare delicious smoked meats.

It is no longer a club or a bar, Prunty said, but a BBQ joint which happens to have a license to serve drinks.

“We want to cater to Northeast Arkansas and all the citizens of Jonesboro,” Prunty said. “This is not about partisan issues or race. We want people to come out and enjoy a meal and a great time with us.”

No longer is Legends for those age 21 or older. While it does have a private club permit, the location is a family friendly location, Prunty told NEA Report.

“This is about bringing a better quality of life to the North Jonesboro area.”

Legends BBQ & Smokehouse is at 1025 West Johnson Avenue in Jonesboro. Their grand opening is 7:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27, and will feature several talents. The show Friday will benefit KLEK 102.5 FM, and tickets are online at klekfm.org.



  1. The ALL-NEW LEGENDS BBQ SMOKEHOUSE, is exactly what Jonesboro has needed. GREAT FOOD, LIVE MUSIC, very reasonable prices and a great menu, not to mention the bar for those who partake in adult beverages. One of the best looking new venues in town, free and secure parking, a great space for private parties and events. Check it out folks, this is the BEST new spot in Jonesboro. Big city live entertainment without having to drive to Memphis or Little Rock.

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