Police impersonator tries to scam elderly woman

JONESBORO, Ark. – When an 81-year-old woman received a call that she had missed jury duty from someone saying he was a Craighead County Deputy, she began to cry.

She had no idea the man on the phone was not a law enforcement officer and in fact, was trying to scam her.

Craighead County Sheriff’s Office took the report, indicating the 81-year-old woman had received a call on Tuesday from someone claiming to be Deputy Ryan Thompson from Craighead County Sheriff’s Office. The impersonator told the woman she had missed jury duty and had a fine for failure to appear for $495.00, along with another charge of $495.00.

Then, the schemer told her to go to Walgreens and get a green card for the money. By then, the woman said she was crying and couldn’t hear a lot of the conversation – but the suspect stated that County Judge Ed Hill would give all the money back except for $50.00.

County judges do not function in the justice system but rather, are essentially mayors of the county. A district or circuit judge would be responsible for a court fine.

First degree criminal impersonation of a law enforcement officer is a felony. Anyone with information about the crime is urged to call the CCSO at 870-933-4551

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