Meth suspect arrested listening to garage door

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Meth makes the mind do bad things and several officers were witness to the effects of the drug in the early Thursday morning hours, a report indicated.

At 11:44 p.m. Wednesday night, officers were dispatched to the 3500-block of Woodsprings Road about a suspect busting out a window of a home and on foot, hallucinating, possibly high on drugs.

Police arrived to make contact with a complainant who said his brother may have been high on meth and wandering around his neighbors, directly behind the brother’s residence. The suspect reportedly busted out a window of the brother’s home after an argument. His concerned sibling reported he was mainly concerned about his intoxicated state of mind and wanted to get him help. He pointed out the last known direction the man went in.

Police caught up with James Brent Sugg, 41, of Wynne, who was standing in front of a residence’s garage, pressing his head close to the residence as if he was listening. 

With his ear next to the garage, police made contact with Sugg, patting him down for weapons and determining him to be safe before continuing the discussion. Sugg appeared to be “very disorganized and irrational” while speaking with officers.

He stated that someone was being held against their will in the attic of the residence, the report said. Then, he stated his mother was kidnapped and being held in the area. He claimed to be seeing figures and hearing voices that the officers could not detect.

Sugg denied having drugs but when police checked his pockets, he told them he was “old school” and pulled out a small cellophane baggie with a rolled up dollar bill and as mall amount of clear crystals, meth, in his front shirt pocket.

Sugg was transported to Craighead County jail where he was charged with possession of meth and public intoxication.

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