Gun owner stops man in road-rage incident

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man is accused of running another off of the road, making obscene gestures and threatening to fight him before making a quick retreat during an alleged incident Friday morning.

Around 8 a.m. Friday at the intersection of Dan Avenue and Hasbrook Road, the complainant said he had to swerve over to the shoulder of the road to avoid a collision with a newer model red Chevrolet pickup, driven by the suspect. The suspect driver was said to have, with both hands, flipped off the complainant.

The complainant said he decided to follow the red truck to find out why the man acted in such a manner. When he pulled up next to the subject, he claims the man said, “Go ahead and call the mother f**king cops!”

The complainant said he asked the man what was wrong and the suspect then pulled into the parking lot of Ron’s Catfish – but he was only hungry for trouble, it would seem.

The complainant told the officer he followed the man into the parking lot and stopped about 50 yards shy of his vehicle. That’s when the suspect allegedly jumped out of the truck, took off his jacket – and shirt – and approached the complainant in an “animated” way, yelling and acting aggressive.

Before the angered man could throw hands, the man told officers he laid a handgun on the window of his truck and told him, “That’s far enough.”

The suspect, six feet tall, 180 pounds with dark hair and bad teeth, then retreated to his vehicle, promising to “get him for this.”

The vehicle’s license was tracked back to a 65-year-old Pocahontas resident, but it did not match the vehicle or the suspect.

The accused party faces misdemeanors for disorderly conduct, terroristic threatening in the second degree and careless driving.

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