A grinch strikes in Jonesboro

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Someone is trying to steal the Christmas spirit out of Jonesboro.

Actually, the suspect stole a Christmas tree right off of the front porch of a resident in town.

It happened at a set of apartments at 4820 Samantha Avenue. Police arrived shortly before 3 p.m. Thursday to speak with a resident, who said sometime between midnight and 5:30 a.m. that morning, someone tried to steal the Christmas cheer from her front porch. 

The tree was on top of the porch, with ornaments along with a blue angel on the top.

A trail of ornaments led from her front porch to the ditch behind her residence. An officer said it was obvious the suspect pulled the tree across the ditch due to several shoe impressions in the mud.

On the other side of the ditch, several more ornaments and the blue angel were seen on the ground, headed north through the vacant lot toward Mitchell Drive.

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