Rescue is emotional work for compassionate hearts

TRUMANN, Ark. – Those who work to help animals with compassion often find themselves exposed to the least compassionate side of humanity.

On Friday, Dec. 2, the Trumann Arkansas Pet Savers posted a photo of a hound dog who had clearly seen better days. The struggling animal, named “Kenny” by animal workers, had remained at an abandoned house for some time and had been visibly injured. Rescue workers thought the animal had been hit by a vehicle.

Instead, someone had actually shot the dog. And not just once. He was shot at least twice. One of the bullets penetrated a lung while the leg was shattered and infected. The dog was taken to Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic.

15219552_759367440889465_8656523599010554711_nA short time later, the doctor identified the dog as one of the most heartworm positive animals he had seen.

The dog had to be euthanized. 

“He took his last breath being told how good of a boy he was and i rubbed him until Dr Laws couldn’t hear his heartbeat anymore,” wrote the page admin.

Kenny may not have survived but many other animals have a chance, thanks to the work done by the group – and groups like them.

To reach out to TAPS Rescue, visit their Facebook page here. You can also help them with donations. Their Paypal account is

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